PfMP® : Aligning the Organization through Portfolio Management

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Type de formation :   | Participants : 10  | Durée : 2 jours

> Objectifs

Organizations that adopt projects as a mean to achieving change and delivering results often find it difficult to prioritize projects and to make best use of their resources; additionally, many recent surveys have demonstrated that project backlog is a major issue in organizations. 

Portfolio management is a management approach that aims to align project efforts with the corporate strategy and optimize the efficient use of resources throughout the organization.

This course focuses on two aspects of the management of portfolios:

  • Prioritization of projects and other activities, based on their contribution to organizational benefits and their achievability
  • Allocation and prioritizing of resources between those projects and activities that have been chosen so that they can deliver the expected benefits

The course identifies five key activities and techniques to accomplish this:

  • Analyzing the portfolio of existing and potential projects and activities
  • Defining the content of the portfolio according the Strategic Vision
  • Selecting the projects and activities to be implemented as part of this portfolio
  • Allocating resources to those projects and activities that have been selected
  • Collecting and storing project data for performance measurement and portfolio reorientation, based on financial performance, strategic alignment, individual performance of the different components and Risk factors.

The course also discusses the definition of the portfolio in the organization based on its Vision and Strategy...

Le cours est donné en "Français" mais les supports sont en "Anglais".

Develop and enhance the contributions you make to your organization by being able to:

  • Understand alignment with organizational objectives & strategic goals.
  • Demonstrate capability to analyze and select organizational initiatives.
  • Assign resources to these initiatives in an organized way
  • Optimize use of resources to ensure corporate benefits delivery
  • Take responsibility for change & decisions to realize strategic & business objectives
  • Actively manage business value within a governance framework.
  • Recognize why, when and how to use portfolio management.
  • Support the development of a portfolio framework and culture.


> Public

The seminar is aimed at project managers and all those who manage projects or project team members, as well as all managers who need to understand project management.

> Prérequis

Le cours est donné en "Français" mais les supports sont en "Anglais".

This seminar is designed for experienced project managers, portfolio managers, chief project officers, project directors and senior managers who need to assign resources to projects to deliver corporate strategies.  Also for all project managers, who have a reasonable experience as project leaders and are interested in understanding the way projects are selected.

> Programme

Le cours est donné en "Français" mais les supports sont en "Anglais".

-    Context and Framework :

  • Organizational Structures
  • Business Strategy  
  • The Portfolio Management Context
  • Strategy & Strategic Alignment
  • Value Management

-    Portfolio Management Processes :

  • Aligning Process Groups :
  • Identify Components
  • Categorize Components
  • Evaluate Components
  • Select Components
  • Identify Portfolio Risks
  • Analyze Portfolio Risks
  • Prioritize Components
  • Develop Portfolio Risk Responses
  • Balance Portfolio
  • Communicate Portfolio Adjustment
  • Authorize Components
  • Monitoring and Control Process Group :
  • Monitor & Control Portfolio Risks
  • Review & Report Portfolio Performance

-    Monitor Business Strategy

-    Q/A. & Feedback

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